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It turns out that in at least some cases, the right wing strategy of putting anti-gay initatives on the ballot in order to generate conservative voter turnout, is backfiring!
Wisconsin is one of the states that had an anti-gay initiative on the ballot. Students at many of the UW System campuses registered to vote and voted in extremely high numbers, mostly to vote AGAINST the anti-gay initiative. (Thanks, students!)
The students also voted for Democrats, and were the margin of victory in 2 State Senate seats (resulting in a change to Democratic control of the Wisconsin State Senate) AND in 4 formerly-Republican-held State Assembly seats.

Unfortunately, their numbers weren’t quite enough to defeat the anti-gay ballot measure, but at least there’s a silver lining. And I am THRILLED that the anti-gay intititives are starting to backfire on the right wing!!!

I don’t know the politics or the districts well enough in the other states that had those kinds of initiatives on the ballot to say that the same thing happened there too. I suspect it did, at least in states like Colorado & South Dakota, and I think it had a significant impact on Democratic voter turnout in Northern Virginia.

So take that, haters. Your strategy didn’t work this time! 🙂

  1. Here in Colorado, it was a close vote, both on the gay marriage ban and the civil union defeat. I think it was something like 46/54% on both issues. Unfortunately neither of them went the right way, but I take comfort knowing that so many people in my state voted against hate, even it it wasn’t quite enough.

    I love reading about Noah on your other blog — he is such a cutie!

  2. I’ve just been reading your blog and wanted to take the two minutes it takes to tell you how great I think it is.

    With regard to the Democrat’s success in the recent elections – it’s about time…

  3. Thanks, Jonathan! Would you like to be added to the “Friend of the Family” blogroll?

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