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More Blogs. More Love. Bigger Village. One of the reasons I love VillageQ is that I do believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  In part, I believe this because my two-year-old has more energy than anyone ever.  No. Really.  And in part, I believe this because while everyone takes their own path in this journey, none of us do it alone.  The internet is an amazing way to learn, support, and create.  So, here is day two of Week of Blogs!  I hope you can find some community for your village here.  I know that I have.

  • *The Read Thread* – An invisible silken red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. – Chinese proverb  Stop by and give Jenny some TTC love!
  • The Titleless Blog – Sara is a Midwestern girl implanted in Santiago, Chile. She is navigating the tricky waters of new motherhood. Her daughter, Squeaker (not her real name), makes frequent appearances. She also like writing and yoga and stuff.  She is a brain cancer survivor, a vocal ally to the LGBT village, and posted a guest post here at VillageQ.
  • Love Invents Us – Stay-at-Home Mama who writes through nap time and naps through action movies. Married to a woman who was eager both to carry their children and their mortgage, she spends spare moments thanking her lucky stars and telling people not to throw things. A psychologist by training, she’s traded data collection for truck collecting, journal articles for board books and mind control for …. well, mind control. She loves ginger snaps, the Bravo network and the occasional rainy day.
  • Journey to the Light – Michelle is the mother to 2 amazing children, C & R. C is a crazy and rambunctious, yet super snuggly, little boy and his little sister R is a little artiste who loves to dance, play music, and read. They are the loves of Michelle’s life. The other love in her life is L. While they have known each other for quite some time, they are only just now getting our chance at a life together.  Michelle got the ball rolling on the long overdue updating of our backlogged blogs, right before her family’s cross-country move, and has posted a guest post here at VillageQ.
  • Making Gaybies in the Land of Zion – The often hilarious, sometimes serious, journey of two lesbians starting a family in the state that happens to be home to both the most Gaybies and the most Mormons.
  • Becoming LA… – We are a queer/gay/lesbian couple with two kids and we got married. How effing awesome is that??  Editorial comment: Becoming LA needs a little extra love this week so please stop by and say hi.
  • Religion: Optional – I am a 20-something, almost 30-something American woman living in the middle of the midwest. I am one part of a lesbian couple, the biological mother to our one year old daughter. I couldn’t find a blog that spoke to me specifically, when it came to being atheist and raising kids. I found a few blogs that were semi-ok for what I was looking for. I want to raise my kid to be a free-thinker, but I don’t want to force it on her. I’m of the mind that indoctrination goes both ways, via religious or non-religious teachings.

When visiting these pages, feel free to leave a message saying that Village Q sent you.  After all, word of mouth will help us grow this village into a whole city!

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