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Here are some new (or better said, just found blogs):

Mamas Lesbianas a partir de los 42 años: about a couple and their adopted daughter

Adopcion nacional:  about two able-bodied adult white women in Spain who have one daughter with a disability adopted internationally and who are trying to adopt a second child with a handicap through national (Spain) adoption

Una Familia Especial: family with two adolescents in Mexico

Círculo de Familias Diversas:  Blog for LGBT families in Mexico City

Dos lesbianas, nueve meses y una nueva vida: who are pregnant

Dos mujeres, un niño y lo que venga: Spain with small child

El blog de Luli: Luli (who is tiny and beautiful) and her mothers blog

En busca de lo naranja y verde: Two moms and a little boy in Barcelona

La suma de nosotras: Expecting in Spain

Mami x opcion: Lesbian mom by choice of a 3 month old

Mamás lesbianas y bebé:  In madrid with a newborn

Matriz: Moms with a 4 year old

Milu, Nunu y un hada: Moms with a young child

Welcome to all the new blogs!!!

***Polly, can you help me get these into the blogrolls??? I don’t know how and I don’t want to bother Liza as she just had her beautiful baby girl Josephine Rose!!!!***

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  1. Yowza! Yes. At my regular glacial pace.

    ¡Y felicitaciones! á Liza!

  2. Finalmente, esos blogs son en la pagina http://hiperduct.ac.uk/papers-writers-services-toronto Familia Lesbiana: Blogs en Español. Lo siento que es si tarde. Y, como usual, lo siento por mi Español.

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