The Missing Puzzle Piece What’s missing in our kids’ lives? One thing most of us would say is: enough images or versions of their families in the various toys and books and playthings that populate their days. We don’t have to be everywhere. We just have to be somewhere! And piece by piece, enterprising folks are helping fix that.

In my job as Family Support Programs Director at my regional LGBT family organization, I’m glad to say I come across many of these wonderful resources and am tickled to share them with you-all. Last week it was the fantastic kid’s picture book about Pride; this week it’s a wonderful set of puzzles featuring same-sex-headed families.

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Childcare Taskforce Puzzle. [PHOTO CREDIT: Polly Pagenhart]

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Childcare Taskforce Puzzle. [PHOTO CREDIT: Polly Pagenhart]

The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Childcare Taskforce has created them – rolled them out late last year – and they’re beautiful. They’ve got four different families of many demographic variations (interracial couples, cross-racially adoptive kids, dads, moms; basically a range of who we are).  At my job we have the entire set of four in our childcare space, and will be ordering more to give to family resource centers and other organizations we partner with as thank you gifts.

They’re sold at a suggested donation price of $5, plus shipping. (Non-profit FTW! I’d pay double or triple that if I saw ’em in a store, and I encourage you to not stop at $5 if you’re as excited as me about this!)  Also, if for some reason you’ve gotten this far into 2014 without a calendar, they’ve got one of those, too! Both of these might be nice lil’ gifts for folks at your kids’ childcare, or for preschool or elementary school teachers. Hint hint.

For the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Childcare Taskforce family puzzle or calendar, email Sue.

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  1. Love this. One of the (many) “completely absent” places that bugs me the most: photo sites like Shutterfly. What will it take for them to show a little family diversity in their samples? (Stepping off soap box now.)

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