Mama’s Day, The Strong Families Way

Here at Lesbian Family we are keenly aware that families come in all shapes, sizes, and shades. That’s a big part of why we seek each other out – there is a comfort to being among people who understand that love makes a family. It’s nice to share space with families like ours – even if our similarities end at our difference from the mainstream image of what a family is.

Amaryllis-birthright-with-logoThis is part of why I love our weekly Featured Family Portraits. It is so affirming to see families defining themselves. The pictures are always beautiful, full of love, and unique. There is great power in seeing images of families like your own.

For Mother’s Day we are inundated with images of what a mother is and should be. She’s usually young – but not too young, white, upper middle class, and thin. Since that isn’t congruent with what most mothers see in the mirror, there is a void in the greeting card aisle.

This is where Strong Families has stepped in with their Mama’s Day Our Way e-cards.  They feature mothers of color.  Lesbian mothers.  Men mothering.  Chosen mothers.  It’s pretty rad – and I’m glad they are doing it.  So if you weren’t able to find a Mother’s Day card that fit your family – be sure to check out their (free!) e-cards.  I hope you find something perfect for the people you’d like to honor today.

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  1. These are awesome!

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