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Make the Yuletide Gay ho ho homo‘Tis the season!

Young LGBTQ college students across the nation are carefully planning the optimal time to come out to their parents over winter break. Pro-tip: 2am the night before you leave is maybe not the best plan. People in new relationships are trying to decide if they are ready to bring their sweetie home to meet the parents. Whether or not you look forward to spending two weeks with your family of origin watching the “A Christmas Story” marathon or opt to sign up to work double shifts instead, here are five tips to queer up your holiday season!

1. Tired of your parents dropping hints about the nice single gay men they meet? Struggling to figure out how to remind your family you are bisexual? Don’t send boring holiday cards with a picture of you and your cat. Send out multimedia musical cards with you singing “jingle bells, jingle bells, seriously I am bi!” Hey!

2. For a new holiday tradition, take Grandma out for bottomless mimosas at brunch at the nearest queer hotspot. Around hour five of this excursion, encourage Grandma to try her hand at karaoke after you’ve explored your family coming out story through your jointly written “Grandma Got Run Over By a Homo.”

3. Wear exactly what you wore during Pride to every holiday party or host your own holiday party. The theme? “Dyke the Halls and/or “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel.”

4. If you are financially able, donate to an LGBTQ organization that works to improve the lives of LGBTQ people. Here’s a hint: If you can afford a cappuccino every week, you can afford to donate a small amount.

5. Take care of each other. Some of us have wonderful families of origin, some of us haven’t spoken to our families in years. The holidays can be times of joy but also times of sadness and loneliness. Creating new families of choice can be LGBTQ community at its best.


Shout outs to my co-authors Levi, Roger, and Vikki for brainstorming parody holiday song titles with me!

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  1. Clever Dylan!

  2. Next year, maybe we can write queer parodies of all the Christmas carols! Fun times! Great post!

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