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Listen To Your Mother: VillageQ Edition

Listen to Your Mother is a national series of live readings celebrating motherhood. This year, there were shows in 32 cities across the county and four contributors from VillageQ – C.J. Prince, Robert Shaffron, Roger Rosen and Sarah Gilbert –  were cast in shows and Deborah Goldstein was co-director/producer for the inaugural North Jersey show while I returned to c0-direct/c0-produce the second season for the Twin Cities.

In other words, VillageQ was all up in Listen to Your Mother.

The videos for the 2014 season were released last week and we are thrilled to share the performances of our contributors. Congratulations to all and thank you for sharing your stories here at VillageQ and beyond!


  1. Quite a talented bunch, if I do say so myself. Well done all yous guys!!

  2. Some of my faves!!!

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