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LF blog listings updates for the week of April 14

Since you all keep growing here, as a community, and/or your evolving family-making and -raising stories migrate your blogs from one “category” to another, I’m thinking this simple update will be a regular feature. So long as the wee chunk of time it takes continues to make itself accessible.

Also, since no one called out “No, no, a thousand times no! Don’t alphabetize the listings!” I’m going to just slowly alphabetize them. And I’ll notate the freshest batch of listings on any given page with a buy real provigil online Recently added! jobbie. Since that was the benefit of the non-alphabetized list: E-Z access to recent additions.

Speaking of which! New to LesbianFamily listings this past week are:

    • Specific Destiny just started their conception journey, and has joined the prodigious LesFam TTC ranks.


  • And Ramblings of the Other Mother writes about raising her and her partner’s Big Kid, as they all anticipate the any-day-now celebrate the birth of their new baby. You can also find Ramblings in Expecting (but not for long!), and Non-Bio.

Welcome to you both! And readers, do drop in, and tell ’em LesFam sent you. Changes in status this past week:


  • And moving right along, Possible Maybe is now talkin’ Babies!, and so will no longer be found amongst those Expecting.

Congrats all around!

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  1. Hola, Polly! We DELIVERED the twins about 4 weeks ago! So if you could move us from “The Journey There: Expecting” category and put us in the “Parenting By Age Group: Babies!” and the “Parenting By Category: Multiples”, that would be fabulous!! Rachel

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