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Let’s Be the Allies Our Muslim Neighbors Need

Dear VillageQ Family,

My heart is breaking for my Muslim friends.

The Islamophobic rantings, the characterization of Muslims as terrorists, the unconscionable suggestions that Muslims be banned or tagged or quarantined in the U.S.—this recent up-swell of hate is hurting so many good and peaceful people.

While going about their normal days at school or work or home or out in their communities, these good and peaceful people are being threatened and harmed, mentally and physically. They are living in fear that they or their loved ones will be the next targets of Islamophobic violence.


Queer folks, we know what this is like.

We know the lies candidates have told about us to make political gains. We know the vitriolic rhetoric spewed by TV pundits. We know the outbursts of strangers, the slurs graffitied on our school lockers, the sudden, awkward silence when we walk into the break room at work.

We know the vulnerability of raising our children in a hostile climate.

We know the real danger of hate speech that turns into hateful action that leads to tragedy.

We know the incessant hum of anxiety, the constant wondering who—on this bus or in this room or in that line at the grocery store—who is ally and who is foe?

As people who have personally, collectively, and historically lived through a myriad of oppressions, we know what it’s like to hurt, and we know what it’s like to have an ally show up to help.

So let’s show up. Let’s be the allies our Muslim neighbors, coworkers, and community members need as they endure this rising tide of hate in the U.S.

We can start here:

Recently Sofia Ali-Khan posted a letter to non-Muslim allies on her Facebook page. Take a moment to read her advice. Or take a moment to reflect on your own experiences: Which allied actions have meant the most to you?

Time to pay it forward.


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