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When Lesbians Twin

Sometimes things really are worse when you’re gay. I spend quite of bit of time trying to convince people that we’re mostly just like everyone else, and all of this is just big fun and a good time. But that’s only if you’re not going out to dinner with friends, which we did last week. Because after the stress of finding a babysitter, comes the stress of figuring out what to wear. Pam: What are you going to wear?

Me: I don’t know. Probably a dress

Pam: I was going to wear a dress.

Me: I think it’s OK if we both wear dresses.

Pam: You should wear pants.

Me: You should wear pants. I get hotter than you.

Pam: You are not hotter than me.

Me: Yes, I am. A guy hit on me at the gym just this morning.

Pam: That’s because you look desperate when you’re trying to find the 10-pound barbells.

Me: True. I am desperate. I can’t lift anything heavier.

And so it goes. Because there are really two goals I have when trying to get ready to go out in public. The first one is successfully combine my two signature looks — uncrushable-office-polyester and grubby-parent — to create something fabulous. And second, to not look like Pam’s overgrown twin. Or like these people

Sarah Gilbert

Here we are! Both wearing white shirts. I know. Confusing.




  1. My wife and I recently showed up somewhere each wearing our law school hoodies (from the same law school) – granted, one was grey and one was blue, but still. Embarrassing…

  2. Clare Masson says:

    Eh. My husband used to use my clothes too and I would steal his sweaters and then stretch them out. That said, I think the trick is to not actually own matching outfits… just similar ones?

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