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All week, LesbianDad has been neck and neck with a very conservative group blog* in the “Best New Blog” category of the 2006 Weblog Awards.

Yesterday, a lot of their supporters took a turn for the seriously nasty. Here are a few samples of their comments about LesbianDad:

“Looks the the gay agenda crowd has emptied out the san fran bath houses to vote,in order to make themselves look mainstream.”

“The pathetic little salad tossers will stoop to any level to push their degeneracy off on the public.”

The only reason it’s getting any votes at all is a concerted effort by the gay agenda types to stack the deck,in a shabby attempt to appear as mainstream.”

“Is it any surprise that the homos have launched a special campaign to support the homo site?”

To be fair, a member of their group blog has asked their supporters to be civil and says she will take down further rude comments. I don’t think that changes the homophobic bent of their campaign, or the personal nature of the attacks so far.

Please go vote for LesbianDad.

(And if after that you want to go vote for me too, that would be great. But my category hasn’t gotten nearly as nasty. Please, please go vote for LesbianDad.)

*I don’t want to give them the link, but they are called H@ngRightP0litics.

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  1. Holy.

    Okay, I voted. Thanks for the tip. Why the need to get so nasty?

  2. I’ve voted for her every day. I just continually fail to understand the vituperativeness… it just boggles the mind. Especially since there is nothing remotely combatative about Lesbiandad in the least. Shoot, I’m going to go post on this on my site.

  3. Thank you, sisters. As you know, more than anyone else, a house with one toddler in it and one eight months’ pregnant lady in it doen’t need to have to fend off any extra stress. Yak.

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