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Sint-Kruis Until school starts again, everybody with school-aged kids has a lot of time-killing to do (see Vikki’s list in “Summer Break Breaks Parent). But with the Supreme Court not making an announcement today on Hollingsworth v. Perry or Windsor, we’re left to wait it out in the political arena as well. An Opinion could come this Thursday or next Monday, but here are a few things you can do to pass the time until then:

1. Play pin the Pride sticker on the Justice

2013 Supreme Court

scotus pride

(Bonus points for Scalia)

2. Go ahead and read through the entire 2004 GAO report which outlines the 1,138 Rights and Responsibilities which, under current Federal Law, only apply to couples in heterosexual marriages. (Or you can look through the Wikipedia version instead.)Beach Sunset

3. Write an Opinon-Day Drinking Game (and send the rules to us!)

4. Book a queer-friendly vacation – maybe to some place that looks like this:

5. Listen to or read the testimony from the hearings back in March.

6. Get out and play ball, or watch some professionals play. We’re talking family-friendly ball playing, here. Here are sites of organizations in DC and NYC that list LGBT-friendly sports groups and outings.



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  1. Opinion Day Drinking Game….hmmmmm

    • A drinking game appeals to me, as well. I hate waiting, and I’m going to need something to take the edge off now that I’ve bitten my nails to the nubs.

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