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Join Us at Salon LGBTQ This October!

Watch me try to get through this post without using exclamation points at the end of every daggone sentence! I may not be capable of it! Why? Two reasons.

1) Salon LGBTQ is the first-ever national LGBTQ social media conference, gathering together queer folk online, our allies, and the brands that want to connect with us all.  Its very existence is exclamation point-worthy!

But wait, there’s more.

2) Lesbian Family is extremely proud to be a media sponsor for this bodacious event!  Okay, that’s an understatement. We’re bustin’ at the seams with pride! Which means we’ll be in a love-fest bear-hug with it from now through October 17-19, when the Salon will be holding court at the Renaissance Midtown in Atlanta.

Our media sponsorship also means we will be co-hosting the Salon LGBTQ breakfast on Friday, the opening morning of the conference. Hot diggity! Hot networking! Hot insight-sharing and skills-building! Also probably hot sausages and hot coffee! Hotlanta-style, of course.


If you are anywhere near as hopped up about this as we are, you’re going to want to zip right over to the Salon LGBTQ registration page and plug in “FAMILY” for your friend of Lesbian Family discount on registration.  You’ll also be plugged onto the mailing list so that you won’t miss one scintilla of scintillating news, as the event unfurls its fine, fabulous self over the coming months.

Exclamation point count: nine, not counting the title.

Thrill factor: through the roof.

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  1. I am pretty sure this is the conference Amie and I (at least me for sure) will be attending this fall!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE back! Really it has just got SQUEE written all over it. I will be so excited to meet you in the flesh, at long last! Watch out, because I am a notoriously big hugger.

  2. I have to find a way to get a ticket from Albania to Atlanta for this!

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