January VQ Chat

vqchatlogovday The January VQ Twitter Chat is tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

Last month, we gathered on Twitter to talk about 2013 and our hopes and dreams for 2014. It was a great discussion though I don’t remember much of it because I was participating while my family drove to our friends’ cabin in rural Wisconsin and the roads were icy and dangerous. So, one of my goals was probably “Arrive at the cabin alive.” Mission accomplished!

Tonight, we’ll be talking about LOVE AND ROMANCE! This will be a great opportunity for us to talk about our relationships and our love and our love/hate of Valentine’s Day. We have already prepared five questions on the topic and will be tweeting them out during the hour long discussion.

Do you want to join us but you don’t know how? Here is the scoop:

mail order Lyrica WHAT: A facilitated discussion on love and romance a la LGBT

WHEN: Monday, January 27 at 9 p.m. EST

WHERE: On the Twitter!

HOW: Just log in to Twitter, follow the #vqchat hashtag and join the discussion!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@villageqtweets)! Tweet you there.

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