In Case You Missed It: 8 April – 13 April 2013


Gays on TV, Chilean census statistics, donor siblings and anti-bulling: we’ve got it all this week! Did you miss anything? Here’s all that happened over here this week for you to catch up! Titles are links and links are love, so click click click your way through!

The Media Mirror
N started out the week here by exploring how she has discovered more about herself by watching television and seeing glimpses of herself reflected back. As the years have gone by, we all, in the gay community, are seeing more and more of ourselves in the mainstream media. Do you watch any shows with LGBTQ characters? Do you see yourself in any particular character?

A Number Game
This week, Clare presented the statistics of LGBTQs who are out in Chile. The bad news is, the stats show that many are still closeted. The good news is, it’s getting better. Visit Clare’s post to learn more.

Family Ties
Vikki’s father taught her how to tie a tie back in the 80s and now, this week, she taught her own daughter how to do it. Can you tie a tie? How did you learn?

Living in Exile
This week, guest author Rebecca Berry contributes the fifth post in our Lawfully Wedded Life series, looking at the impact of exclusion from marriage benefits from the the perspective of a binational relationship. She is in a civil partnership with her partner, a UK citizen, and until their relationship is recognized in the US, granting her partner the kind of visa married heterosexuals routinely receive, she will remain “in exile.”

Pink Shirt Day Fail
Apparently, it was Pink Shirt Day again this week. Susan forgot. Does your family participate in an anti-bullying pink shirt celebration? We don’t, but only because we always forget too.

National Sibling Day for Donor Siblings
Deborah forgot to celebrate National Sibling Day with her two sons and in planning next year’s celebration, she remembered that her sons aren’t really alone in their siblingness. They have donor siblings. Unknown ones, but still, they’re out there. Somewhere. How have you navigated the trickiness of donor siblings?

When Stereotypes Collide
This week, Sandra wrote about how becoming a mom has lead her to fall into more lesbian stereotypes than she succumbed to before parenthood. Has this been your experience?

TGIF Video Moment: Edie Windsor on the SCOTUS Steps
On Friday, Polly introduced a new TGIF video moment. Each Friday, we’ll post a video that you just can’t miss. This first one is of Edie Windsor, plaintiff in the DOMA case, making a statement on the steps of the Supreme Court just after the arguments.

Featured Family Portraits
This week we had our first family submitted via email! I’m so excited to open up this feature. Are you interested in sharing your family in the Featured Family Portraits series? Watch here soon for a post with details on how to submit a picture of your family. And meanwhile, if you’re on Instagram, just tag your picture #lesbianfamily and we’ll track you down!


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