In Case You Missed It: 25 Feb-2 March 2013

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We had had a very busy week over here on Lesbian Family! Did you catch it all? Here’s a recap to make sure you didn’t miss any of last week’s awesome. Titles are links and links are love so click click click your way through.

Onega My Dream
A guest post! On Monday RoiAnn Philips, from, posted about living the dream. It’s not always perfect, it’s even sometimes awful, but it’s some version of everything she’s ever wanted. What’s your dream? Does making assumptions really make you an…
On Monday N took on the topic of assumptions. What do you think? Do you find it offensive to assume someone is straight? Do people assume you are straight? How do you respond?

Vlog-off: Differences and Similarities
On Tuesday Clare challenged us to a Vlog-off. Have you ever vlogged? The challenge is to create a short vlog talking about how your family is similar or different from your neighbors. For more details and some rules, check out Clare’s post.

Children’s Books for the “Gender Variant”
Also on Tuesday, Shannon posted a list of children’s books put together by Maria L. Hughes of for children who are interested in learning more about being more gender variant. Do you have any favorite books you would add to the list?

Culturally Queer
On Wednesday Vikki shared how her family has come to understand, acknowledge, and embrace their cultural queerness. Have you noticed this in your family? Have you talked with your children about gay and straight and used the word queer? Have you reclaimed language in your own life?

What My Kids Have Taught Me About Homophobia
On Thursday Cheryl wrote a beautiful piece about how having children has peeled away the thick skin that protected her from the pain of homophobia. She’s learning how to embrace vulnerability and realizing in the process that it really hurts. Have you had to explain homophobia to your children? Has parenting changed your experience of homophobia?

Congratulations to Cheryl on the inclusion of this post in Schmutzie’s Five Star Friday this week! 

Another guest post! On Friday JB joined us here to share her experience as a Baba, a genderqueer primary parent who doesn’t consider herself to be a mom. And her daughter doesn’t either. She explores how this has brought both confusion and freedom to her family’s experience. How did you choose your parenting titles? Would you consider choosing an alternative parenting name? JB blogs over at

Brothers and Sisters, Sisters and Brothers
Also on Friday Deborah shared her experience growing up with a younger sister and wonders how her two boys will relate to one another when they’re older. Do you have siblings? How do those relationships affect your parenting style? Has time, age, and experience brought you closer as Deborah has experienced?

Featured Family Portraits
On Saturday I started a new series here featuring what’s going on with Lesbian Family over on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? Follow us at @lesbianfamily and tag your photos with #lesbianfamily to be featured.

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