In Case You Missed It: 25 – 30 March 2013


This week is all about marriage equality. From the children of same-sex parents, to attending marriage equality rallies, and how it all played out in social media, we’ve been busy over here! Make sure you didn’t miss any of this week’s posts! Titles are links and links are love, so click your way through!


In the Words of our Children: Supreme Court, Take Note
Polly started out the week by sharing some of what would be presented to the Supreme Court this week. These incredible notes from the children of same-sex parents begging for marriage equality are powerful beyond measure.

On Monday, N asked how she should prepare for her first rally, as she was off to the Supreme Court on Tuesday. How would you prepare for such a powerful rally? Or perhaps a better questions is, how could you?

My Niece Stopped Pretending To Be A Doctor
On Tuesday, Clare struggled with how gender stereotypes show up in children’s play. And that parenting doesn’t seem to play much of a role in how it all works out.

Marriage Equality: The “Tri” in Our Trifecta
On Wednesday, Cheryl filed the third in our “Lawfully Wedded Life” series, writing about her son and how having two moms is playing out for him. She recently volunteered to help with his class at school and had the opportunity to use a writing exercise as a two mom parent teaching moment and chose not to, for the writing. To those of you with school aged children, can you relate to Cheryl’s experience?

House and Home
Also on Wednesday, Vikki shared one of the realities of having an unrecognized relationship with the story of she and her wife refinancing the mortgage on their home.

The Four Children: A Passover Guide to Equality
On Thursday, Deborah provides a timely version of The Four Questions for the Passover Seder.  Pesach, the Supreme Court Justices, and marriage equality: all on the proverbial table.

You Look Good In Red
On Friday, Sandra wrote about the social media movement last week of changing your avatar to support marriage equality and what that support meant to the LGBTQ community.

About The Time Magazine Cover Story
Also on Friday, Polly took on the Time magazine controversial cover story that hit the newsstands last week. Did you see it? What did you think?

Featured Family Portraits
Saturdays are featured family portrait days! Make sure you check out our families this week and follow Lesbian Family on Instagram.


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