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Identity Vlog: The Love Train Version

Pereval’s’k This week some of us VillageQ People (oh yes, we already have new monikers!) have recorded vlogs riffing on the topic of “identity” and what the identity of VillageQ means to us. Here’s mine, and you just have to try to overlook the fact that you can’t read any of the book spines I flash at you.

Riff on (my) identity for VQ Launch Week from LesbianDad on Vimeo.

Background music: The O’Jays’ “Love Train.” Because that’s just what this rig is. Prop count: 17-18.

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  1. Videos work on my iPhone. Yay!!!! This site really is improved.

    Also, loved the books, you should write a list of them so we can all learn to be like you.

    • Good one, Clare! A section devoted entirely to Polly’s Books. Of course we’d refer to her as we do here at the VQ. BabaQ’s Books. Like it.

  2. Um, I love the props. Even with the backwards titles.

    • Thank you, for the props props, Dylan!

      You are a man of unique talents. Reading backward is a rare skill. My sister and I had a chalkboard in our bathroom area, and wrote notes to each other and the family backwards in the chalkboard, which would only really make sense when you read the chalkboard in the mirror. Until I realized that computer cameras render a mirror image, this backwards-writing skill lay dormant. Imagine my thrill now.

  3. Aaaand, we have Sarah Kimmel, Tech for Moms maven, to thank for that. Optimizing for mobile was one of the dozens of punchlist items she punched!

    And you! your FB video is adorable! About to say so over there as well! Go see, folks:

  4. ALSO loving all the props. And the video. And every website needs recommendations of awesome books, so…here’s a place to start!

  5. Still waiting for the book list!

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