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Identity Vlog and Hand Waving Work Out

Chalkída This past week I had to take a photo of myself for an article because I don’t have any good pictures of me meaning alone, without my children and groomed.  It’s 97 degrees, and I’m outside in a bush…  um, I’m standing in front of nature so with my laptop trying to capture an image that looks relaxed and flattering and normal.  I’m melting.  The computer is probably over-heating, and the leaves behind me are drooping and withering and looking very, very sad.  The more I move and shift, the more labored my face and the shinier my sweaty forehead until 15 photos later, I surrender to the air-conditioned kitchen and select one of the first three shots I took.

crucially Vlogging is a similar experience for me.  Even in a bush, I am very uncomfortable.  But I sucked it up… not the bush… but my courage and brought forth what is my first vlog.  For you.  At VillageQ.

Vila do Conde

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  1. Aww. That was a great first vlog, you look like a pro!

  2. Love the word breakdown. 🙂 Well done!

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