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Identity in 3 Parts with Complimentary Rambling

where to buy Ivermectin IMG_2547When I vlog, I like to play the court jester but vlogging about identity was like having the court jester give a State of the Union address.

It was hard.

I tried to keep the rambling to a minimum and gave you a peek into three big parts of my identity. Maybe there were four. Three or four – whatever – let’s not get bogged down in counting and math and all that. There are obviously a million other parts to my identity but I didn’t have time to talk about those because I needed to ramble about squirrels for just a moment.

I hope there are a few of you who are brave enough (or bored enough) to watch the whole thing and then drop a comment below to share your thoughts on identity.

Without further ado, I present my first vlog for the new VillageQ!

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  1. I love the WOOP on that Q just as much as I love Midwesterners.

    • Me too. And I have made a family out of loving Midwesterners. 🙂

    • also, that little “doot doot doot” in the middle just summed everything up for me. So nicely. And right now I am looking forward to deep philosophical discussions about identity over wine on, say, a gorgeous Chicago deck patio. For example. In, say, a few hours.

  2. Professional internet queer! But seriously. I really appreciate hearing (even just briefly in this intro video) about class being important in your identity. Hooray for villageQ being a place to talk about yes being a queer parent, but being more than just queer!

  3. Wait. WHAT? You are Queer? It’s like my whole world is crashing down. I NEVER KNEW! 😉 I’m actually really loving all these identity posts guys! GREAT SITE YOU GOT HERE!

  4. I love your line “I want to be one with the squirrels”! I may have to borrow it.

    As far as identity, I have struggled myself. Identifying as bi can be hard, because we are not always accepted. Bi has become the new thing, so people assume you are just playing around. But it is really hard for me, as I have only been attracted to a handful of men, so I struggled with “am I bi or am I lesbian who is ok with a guy now and then?”.

    I am now married to a man, with three great kids. I still struggle with identity. I wonder when I will be comfortable in my skin?

  5. Is there a credentialing process for playing a professional queer on the internet? Would I have to do a practicum?

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