ICYMI: 5 May through 11 May 2013


Mother’s Day, religious holidays, videos, and featured families! We’ve got it all this week here at Lesbian Family! Did you miss anything? Here’s a recap! Titles are links and links are love, so click, click, click your way through all the Lesbian Family goodness!

Longgang On Celebrating Moms (and Holidays)
“The reasons for celebrating are tied up in not just parenting roles, but identity,” N on Mother’s Day and her conflicted feelings about what seems like yet another holiday to celebrate someone we should already be celebrating.

order prednisone Thank You, New Yorker
“Something for the hallelujah column,” Polly on the New Yorker’s current issue featuring a two mom family on the cover.

Hug a Mother Why Don’t You
Deborah takes us on a little trip around the world to see all the different dates and celebrations of motherhood, or the mother church, or whatever you want it to be, as it seems. Also? Listen to Your Mother! In 24 cities! Listen to Your Mother is a national series of live readings in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day, or How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love Being Trapped at Home
Cheryl’s kids were home sick this week. We all know how this goes. They start to get better, but not well enough to go to school, so we start hiding from them. I love this post. Especially the video at the end. Perfect.

She Said Yes
Switching up our Lawfully Wedded Life series a bit this week, Polly shared some video proposals this week from YouTube. Get the tissues. You’re going to need them.

An Agnostic’s Orthodox Easter
“I’m still figuring out what role religion plays in our lives exactly– I think for many queer people, a relationship with religion can be complicated,” Sandra on celebrating an Orthodox Easter this past week with her family and the complications therein.

TGIF: Listen to This Mother
In celebration of Friday and Mother’s Day, Polly shared the video “Questions and Answers,” a Listen to Your Mother piece by Margaret Elysia Garcia.

Featured Family Portraits
Each week I share three LGBTQ families through the photos they submit. Because families rule, in all the different ways we come together and present ourselves. Check out this week’s families!


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