ICYMI: 28 April to 4 May 2013


This week’s In Case You Missed it comes to you from our family vacation on the beach! With review from Polly at an airport returning home after the Mom 2.0 Conference. It’s a Lesbian Family traveling weekend, so we’re a little late, but we’re here! And we’re oh so very queer!

buy Lyrica mexico Why I Love Being an Openly Gay Autism Parent
This week started out with a guest post by Cathy in recognition of the close of World Autism Awareness Month. Cathy shared with us her “Top Ten Reasons I Love Being an Openly Gay Autism Parent.” Love this!

Seroquel buy Legal
This week was a big week for N and her family! N wrote about her family’s experience visiting the judge to finalize the second parent adoption of their daughter. Congratulations!

Wanted: A Few Good Queer Stepparents
“Same sex stepparent families may be just as common as same sex families which include adopted children or children conceived through assisted reproductive technologies. Still we know very little about the needs and experiences of these families.” Dr. Katie L. Acosta, guest author and Tulane professor, would love your participation in a survey about same-sex step-parenting.

Four (Same-Sex) Weddings and a Funeral
“Slowly, though, we both warmed to the idea of a public ceremony—on our own terms. We began to plan our ideal wedding: outside in the summer, maybe on one of Lake Ontario’s islands. Fancy outfits. A big party with family and close friends. A string quartet. We’d find a way to afford it.” Susan Goldberg shares a moving essay about her own wedding story for the Lawfully Wedded Life series.

Coping with Stress: Hints from Vikki
It’s Vlogging with Vikki time! This week, Vikki shared some tips for coping with stress. It rules.

Join Us at Salon LGBTQ This October
This week, we here at Lesbian Family made a BIG announcement: We will be a media sponsor at the upcoming Salon LGBTQ conference in Atlanta! SO EXCITING! Check this post out for more details.

International Family Equality Day
“On 5 May 2013, LGBTQ family organizations from around the world are joining forces to increase the international visibility of LGBTQ families. Last year 15 events in nine countries were held. This year, the number seems to be rising.” -Clare wrote this week about International Family Equality Day which happens to be today! Hooray! Let’s celebrate!

Lies We Tell Our Children
Deborah shares some lies she tells her children and the lies others tell and the rules about lies and the truth telling too. Do you lie to your kids? Have you ever? We certainly have.

Lessons From the Great Airport Debacle of April 2013
Guest author Liz Durant, shares how her baby’s biological mother helped her through a new parent crisis.

The Double Closet
“Because Roco was undocumented, he lived in two closets — hiding both his sexual orientation and his immigration status. I loved him so much that I joined him in the closet, and together, we kept our love a secret from everyone.”  Guest author Adanjesus Marin describes just why immigration reform that recognizes LGBT couples is so critical.

TGIF Video: LGBT and Undocumented
It’s TGIF video time! This week we’re featuring voices of undocumented LGBT folks, to extend the story shared by Adanjesus Marin earlier in the day. Please check it out!

Featured Family PortraitsThis week’s featured families are completely adorable. Do I say that every time? I should! It’s always true. Join in by emailing me a photo of YOUR family! Because you rule!


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