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We’ve had another busy week here at Lesbian Family! [Ed note: Last week, with our minds on Boston – some, in it – we paused the ICYMI feature.] We have two guest posts this week, one from Boston and another to resume our Lawfully Wedded Life series. Check out all we’ve been working on to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Titles are links and links are love so click, click, click your way through!

Enough, McDonalds. Enough

This week, N wrote about getting fed up with our society’s idea of gendered toys when asked if her daughter’s dinner order would be “For a boy or a girl?” Have you ever been outraged by the genderedness of it all?

Drawings on the Fridge Door

Clare started a project on the Lesbian Family Facebook page called “Fridge Door,” this week as a place for the children of Lesbian Families to share their artwork and pictures of their families. My daughter, Roozle, has her first family painting up too! Check it out!

Why Do You Write?

“We have to keep writing until the hateful voices fall quiet.” ~ Vikki Reich.

This week, Vikki had one of her pieces posted on Huffington Post. Reading the comments on the post, some awesome, some horrible, reminded her why she writes. Why do you write?

Equality and Dreams of Marriage

“A part of me will always hope for the dream of marriage and a family I had as a little girl.” Michelle, this week’s guest author for the Lawfully Wedded Life series, wrote about her experience with legal same-sex marriage in Washington State.

The Boy Scouts Can Kiss My Seat Warmers

“The Boy Scouts do a lot of things very right to cultivate community, confidence, and family bonding, but I am not convinced that we want to be a part of an organization that ever discriminated against our family” says Deborah, writing about her hesitation to forgive the discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America organization. This week, she wrote about what her own experience as an Indian Princess gave to her and her father.

Healing after the Marathon Bombings

“It is so hard to comprehend such acts of violence. Even harder is trying to help my students navigate their feelings and emotions as they respond to a terrorist attack that almost took the life of their classmate,” writes guest author Jen Bauer on the Boston Marathon bombings. This week, Jen joined us to share her experience with the marathon bombing that injured one of her students, and the ways in which Boston, and her student, are beginning to heal.

What’s Gay

When Cheryl’s son asked her, “What’s gay?” Cheryl had to jump into some parenting improv to answer some pretty big questions about the different kinds of love. Have you found yourself in this position? How would you answer these hard questions?

No Offense Taken

Sandra has written before about dressing her daughter in what people see as typically feminine clothes, but this week she writes about how dressing her daughter in her brother’s hand-me-down clothes has caused many to think she’s a boy.

TGIF Video: What Do You Know?

This week’s video comes from Welcoming Schools, a K-5 curriculum that provides resources for educators to embrace family diversity.

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