ICYMI: 12 May to 18 May 2013



This past week was a big one for us at Lesbian Family: we watched in amazement as Minnesota became the 12th state to pass marriage equality. (One of us, Vikki, moved there right after college, and has rooted her life and family there for over 20 years; another of us, Polly, met the mother of her children there during a six-year residency. So Minnesota love runs deep here.) We also watched in frustration as we experienced the notorious WordPress White Screen o Death (WSOD) for a bit on our draft posts. So posting was a bit thinner  (this week’s Lawfully Wedded Life entry was a casualty), until: Sarah Kimmel to the rescue. Thanks to Sarah, we’re back and ready for another fresh week! At Last: Marriage Equality Comes To Minnesota
This week, Minnesota became the 12th state in the US to legalize same-sex marriage. On Monday, Vikki was there with her kids, with a  buy Pregabalin 150mg online Semi-Live Blog of Minnesota’s Marriage Equality Vote and on Wednesday, she wrapped up the experience with At Last: a gallery of photos and an account of her exchange with her son when the bill passed that has me sitting at a coffee shop right now crying over my laptop. If after you’ve read this, you’re looking for more to cry about, check out Polly’s TGIF video of Minnesota representative Steve Simon’s speech on the Senate floor.

So Long to The New Normal
This week, N took on the cancellation of the show, The New Normal, and wondered if it was cancelled for being about a gay couple or maybe just because it wasn’t really a very good show.

Reinventing Hip Mama: An Interview with Ariel Gore
This week, Cheryl interviewed Ariel Gore, the founder of Hip Mama, the ground-breaking parenting magazine. “I wanted a media for me and my friends- for urban parents, radical parents, feminists and college kids and queers who weren’t afraid of people outside their own generation,” says Ariel Gore. You’ll want to click over and hear more.

Parenting Towards Equality
Deborah took us on a journey of 12 states and a few acts of loving parenting. Now we all want her to write on our socks and draw pictures for our lunches. Nice work.

Featured Family Portraits
And don’t forget to check out our three beautiful featured families of the week!  Remember, if you’d like to share your family, please send in a photo to me directly, or find us on Instagram and tag #lesbianfamily on your photos. Life rules!


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