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I hate hate speech

In honor of October being the anti-bullying month (Thanks CJ for pointing this out and giving such interesting– and depressing– statistics about queer teen suicide rates), I wanted to share this video about “No Hate Speech,” a campaign against fear by the Council of Europe.

The No Hate Speech website also includes a ton of great information, including: ONLINE CAMPAIGN TOOLS

This is an online platform for everyone interested to join the No Hate Hate Speech Movement. Here you can upload your personal statement or message about hate speech. This site is the main landing page of the Campaign available for the widest public with testimonials through self-made videos, photos or other visual manifestations. Young moderators are working behind the site to ensure aspects of safety and respect.

This is an online database to monitor, share and discuss hate speech content of the Internet. Here you can link in any hate speech content form the Internet. Moderators monitor and facilitate the site, creating focus topics every month based on the main interest of the online community. Special “take action” features will also be available if the identified and discussed hate speech content requires further action. The perfect place debating and taking action!

I love that this European campaign is not only talking about all kinds of cyber-bullying and hate speech, but it is reaching out to vastly different parts of society.  There are discussions about anti-Islamic sentiment, anti-Roma conversation, anti-immigrant arguments, and, of course, homophobia.

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