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I Fought the Bow, and the Bow Won

can you buy priligy in australia I have always been of the school of thought that those huge bows/flowers that people strapped to their babies’ heads were ridiculous.  Are people really that desperate to let people know that the tiny human they are carrying is a girl?  Those things can’t be comfortable.  What purpose do they serve, exactly?

Then my daughter was born.  It began with a gift of small tasteful bows from a friend.  I smiled politely and thought I would pass them along to another family.  Then one day, as I was dressing her, it’s like they were calling to me.  “I could just try one on her,” I thought to myself.  From that moment on I was hooked.  Soon I was online ordering bigger and more absurd bows and flowers.

I’m not sure how to explain this 180.  I still think those headbands are ridiculous.  Shoes on babies are ridiculous.  Dressing a baby in white is ridiculous.  Tights on anyone is pretty ridiculous.  And yet, somehow, this happens:

Baby with Flower Headband

Now, that’s not to say she’s dressed in bows and frills at all times.  A girl’s gotta play and her comfort is important – she is just as likely to be dressed like this:

Little sister as big as big brother

Still, I’ve found that I can’t resist the occasional dress/bow combination.  This surprised me about myself, but I guess it shouldn’t have.  I like dressing Leo up just as much – although now that his opinions about style are emerging I’m choosing my battles.  He is often sporting his signature look of a button down shirt paired with sweatpants.

Should the day come that she says/demonstrates that she does not want to be dressed in bows (or dresses, or pink – or heck, just about any style choice), we will of course respect, support and accomodate her.  Whether it’s about gender identity, style or comfort – I hope she feels free to dress the way she wants.  Until she can convey her tastes, though, I may have some fun choosing her outfits for her.

 [Cross-posted at West Philly Mama. Featured photo: “‘Awesome’ bows,” from Kevandy’s Flickr stream.]

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  1. Oh, I can relate. I seem to have a thing for bonnets. Not only do I have a thing for bonnets, but I seem to be the kind of person who sees a cute little kerchief advertised on a sponsored post on a very pretty, very twee blog, the kind of blog I could never have, because my personal style is extreme dishevelment, and goes and immediately buys that twee kerchief for my little girl. I know it’s silly, but in the scheme of things you can do to mess up your kids, I think it’s pretty harmless.

    (and those are some cute pictures!)

  2. I certainly like the bows more than all the pink. Yet, from week 1, Little Elephant has been very clear that no bows or headbands or hats would touch her head. Recently, at 20 months, she will sport a ponytail or headband occasionally when pretending to be Mama.

  3. HA!!! I feel so vindicated reading your post. I have the same problem with what we call “hair pretties” in our family. I adore them and yet I am just sure that my Feminist card is being revoked the moment I put them on our daughter’s head.

  4. Sometimes you just gotta do what your inner aesthete makes you do…

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