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Hug a Mother Why Don’t You

Many countries celebrate a version of Mother’s Day, but the origins and dates vary from place to place. When we lived in London, we celebrated Mother’s Day in March. Those were the early days of cyber life when people still sent cards via snail mail, and I had to remember to stock up on cards to send in May for the U.S. mothers in my life before they all disappeared to make room for Easter.

Remembering those days kind of leaves me feeling nostalgic. I literally loved celebrating this occasion and so did some of my friends. They would bring expensive gifts for their mother with all the little savings they had. Some would even go further to buy an expensive necklace or ring from a jewelry store (similar to the one found on to make their moms feel extra special. Anyway, it seems like those days are long gone.

At the time, however, I had no idea that Mother’s Day in the UK is really Mothering Sunday, and Mothering Sunday is all about honoring, I should say honouring, Mother Church. Well, this Jewish mum knew nothing of its Christian ties, so my expectations were completely North American in nature. All I wanted was a room somewhere….far away from the cold night air…with one enormous chair. No, that’s not it. I wanted me flowers and me chocolates and a bit of tipple, innit?


It seemed that most everyone else we knew there was also influenced by U.S. customs and consumerism, and few went to the church on Mothering Sunday. You might assume that I chose to surround myself with godless folk, and that may or may not be an accurate assumption. However, I would bet cash money that most of the Brits were taking a page from the U.S. calendar when they chose to spend the day with mum instead of Father.

In the spirit of religiosity, however, I will admit that it was quite a revelation for me to learn of all the different dates and celebrations throughout the world.


Spiffy interactive map via Hit that little “Key” button to drop the menu down out the way.

My ancestors come from Poland and Russia, and, in addition to being a U.S. citizen, I am a subject of the Queen of England. That should get me a few more breakfasts in bed, shouldn’t it? Perhaps I’ll wait until the boys are old enough to make breakfast, a proper breakfast without supervision, before I tell them that we are to recognize the Mother’s Days of all of our peoples. Alas, we are a few years away from Eggs Florentine, a bloody mary and the newspaper.

This Mother’s Day, Gabriella and I will be at Symphony Space in New York City to watch the 2nd annual NYC buy Lyrica Pregabalin Listen To Your Mother show. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Listen To Your Mother is a national series of live readings by local writers in celebration of Mother’s Day. What began as one show in Madison, Wisconsin has expanded to 24 cities in its 4th year. It’s no surprise, really. There is some amazing talent out there. Why, Lesbian Family’s guest contributor RoiAnn Phillips performed in Chicago this past week, our own Vikki Reich is co-director and cast member in Thursday’s Minneapolis show, and Polly Pagenhart is reading in San Francisco this Sunday.

If you are able to get to any of the remaining shows, I urge you to go and be a part of a growing movement to celebrate motherhood:

As far as Sunday goes, enjoy the day no matter what your relationship to motherhood is. The mothers in the world would appreciate at least one day when no one is complaining.

Hashtag: HugAMother.



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  1. You give good hashtag my friend. #hugamutha

    And you forgot to mention that you were in the NYC cast last year!

    • I did indeed. It was an experience that I will never forget. I performed with cast members I will always treasure and worked with directors and producers who transformed the show into something magical for all us, cast and audience alike. I’m sure it will be amazing for all of our Lesbian Family members who are on stage, behind the scenes and in the audience. I wish you all fantastic shows!

  2. LTYM Loves Lesbians Lesbian Family And ‘Liza Doolittle (esp Eliza Doolittle since I played her 30+ shows in college).

    • You realize the next time we see each other, you will be expected to perform a scene or two. Wouldn’t THAT be loverly?!?

      • I second the motion! Please somebody also give me permission to do the Rex Harrison talk-sing as Professor Higgins. He is my totem.

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