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buy Lyrica LizaHi! I’m Liza, the Founder & Publisher of Lesbian Family. Our fantastically energetic and wonderful Editor in Chief, Polly, has been gently reminding me that I needed to post some kind of re-introductory post for some time now, and I am grateful both for the reminders, and for the breathing room in life to actually do it.

Luofeng Like it says on the About page, I had the original idea for this site in 2005, when I was pregnant with my oldest child. Search engine algorithms are not friendly to searches for most kinds of lesbian content — apparently, the word appears way too often in association with pictures of nekkid people. Searching for “pregnant lesbians” was really not for the faint of heart.

By the time I was a lesbian mom in 2006, I was fully convinced of the need for a directory that would make it easier for us to find the stories of our families — whether as the gestational parent, her partner, couples adopting or fostering, transracial and/or transcultural families, single parents, parents building lesbian families outside of the US, speaking Spanish or other languages besides English, and of course, representing every stage of family building from first time trying to conceive or looking up local adoption or foster parenting regulations, all the way through lesbian parents of teens and adults.

This project, however, is much too big for one person.

I am so deeply grateful to the amazing contributors, current and emeritus, and especially to Polly and our business development maven Deb, for breathing new life into this space. I cannot wait to see how our ideas, expertise, energy, and experience all combine — and I know that this fantastic group will fulfill on the mission of Lesbian Family, connecting and empowering our families and allies, and celebrating our families in all of our glorious, and occasionally chaotic, diversity.

When I’m not blogging here, you can occasionally find me blogging about family and life at LizaWasHere, or more on my academic/professional side at . (I’m on a roll today — I blogged tips for families other than The Cleavers who are dealing with business travel!) Mainly, though, for the last three years, my writing energy has been focused on working towards my Ph.D. in Information Studies. I’m told that at every stage, the hoops get harder and more demanding to jump through, and it certainly seems to be true. My appearances here may not be predictable, nor as frequent as I’d like, but my love for and belief in Lesbian Family is undiminished.

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  1. Liza, of course, I love the post and have been waiting to see how you re-introduced yourself. That said, the photo makes the post. Love it!

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