Many of you have already celebrated Pride in your communities, but a few of us still have ours coming up. It’s been interesting (both fun and stressful) reading about the family events and the return to our roots at different local festivals, and we’re excited to go to ours this weekend.

I was musing on Pride (this weekend in my city) and BlogHer yesterday, and also on the fact that if I’m not with Jill and/or wearing overtly queer-identified clothing, I’m pretty much invisible as a lesbian, when I had an idea: T-Shirts!

We have an awesomely cute logo — why not wear it? So I headed over to CafePress and made 3 different designs: - find blogs from all kinds of lesbian familiesLesbian Family - Friend of the Family

Half the profits from this experiment will be donated to organizations that support and protect lesbian families — the other authors and I will figure out exactly which organizations if we end up with $100 or more to donate, otherwise I’ll pick one. The other half will go towards site upkeep, ie web hosting, bandwidth, etc.

  1. Stroke o’ brilliance! Brava!

  2. These are fantastic, and I plan to wear mine at BlogHer in support of your awesome site and the wonderful resources it’s providing.

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