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Group for Utah LGBTQ parents Ok, it’s not my day to post… but I’m just going to sneak in here and leave this little announcement.

I’ve taken over coordinating the Gay and Lesbian Parents of Utah.  It’s a social and support group for LGBTQ parents in, you guessed it, Utah.  I’ve started a yahoo group for GLPU and if you’re a LGBTQ parent in Utah, I’d love it if you joined!

Because there are real names and addresses and children involved, the group is private and membership needs to be approved by me or the other moderators.  So, when requesting membership, please tell us a little about yourself and where you saw this notice.  We’re just trying to avoid weirdos…

Click here to join glpu
Click to join glpu

And, if any of you know of other groups like this for LGBTQ parents in other states (or even in utah) leave it in the comments, and I’ll make a links list…

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