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I’m Not the Parent Al Gore Wants Me To Be


We are not the type of parents who expect our child’s school to take care of teaching her everything. We work on manners. We work on body control. We do our best to work numbers and letters into our everyday activities. But there are some things we’re just not so good at ourselves.

I hear you in the back coughing “cleaning up” and I know where you live.

I’m talking about recycling.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if we’re throwing soda cans and cardboard boxes in the trash willy nilly and we have come to love and embrace reusing plastic yogurt containers and glass dip jars. But we don’t cut the little plastic window out of our non-organic, GMO-ridden, Barilla pasta boxes. Sometimes, the pizza box ends up in the recycling, nasty oil and all. And it’s rare that we take the time to rinse out something like an individual yogurt container in order to recycle it.

But our daughter, with the help of her teachers, has made it her mission in life to turn her moms’ heads around on the recycling front.

“But I can rinse it!” she says as she flips her applesauce cup upside down, leaving a trail of sugary mush on the floor. “It has a triangle!” Then, she runs the water for 15 minutes, making sure to get every last bit of decimated apple out of it and into the sink, onto the counter and all over her clothes.

Every container gets the eagle-eye once-over, and our recycling bin is filling to the brink and beyond –  all due to a little encouragement at school.

I don’t mind this. It’s not as if I have a problem with recycling and it’s even helped remind me to take a closer look at what’s in my hand before tossing it in the trash.

Now, as for that cleaning up issue…

Marseille 02 What issue do you wish you had help with in educating your children?


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  1. I want to figure out how to teach my child moderation. When does it start being something besides all or nothing?

  2. …I do take the windows out of the pasta boxes, actually, it drives me nuts.

    *The More You Know*


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