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Where Is the Good News? As one of the publishers of this website, I have signed up for news alerts for all things LGBT. This means that every day my inbox is inundated with the latest headlines about the issues affecting our community. Often, the good news is so small that it is lost in the jumble of discouraging headlines. There are stories about the alarming number of transgender women who have been murdered, though one murder should be alarming enough. There are more and more people talking about conversion therapy and my heart aches for those forced into that and for those filled with so much self-loathing that they would seek it themselves. There are LGBT activists being denied asylum and right wing conservatives making maps of LGBT organizations so that their constituents can find the enemies to Christianity and fight the Homosexual Agenda. Honestly, the only thing on this homo’s agenda today is finishing my daughter’s baby book.

Chessington And that’s just a sampling of the queer news.

There are the everyday problems of poverty and violence and there are the Department of Justice findings in Ferguson and ISIS and the rampant anti-semitism worldwide and a million other things that are breaking us–collectively and individually. There is no way to include every headline that should come with the hashtag #hellinahandbasket.

The news is too much and I am often left feeling immobilized and I know that I’m not the only one. So, today, I choose love. I am setting aside my sadness and cynicism and choosing to find the good, even if it’s only the tiniest bit.

In that spirit, here is a video that came to my attention yesterday and I’m just going to enjoy it. No analysis. No questions. Simply enjoy.

Maybe it’s time we help each other find the good.

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  1. Thank you, Vikki! You set a beautiful video in the perfect context. XO

  2. Yes, not so good times.
    But … Slovenia becomes the 11th EU nation to approve gay marriage. 🙂

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