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Good Intentions

East Timor I meant to post my first Weekend Reading round-up-like-thingie post this Saturday. Unfortunately, things came up. This is a hard season to try an add something new to your schedule. I promise, though, soon soon I will get it going. In the meantime, nothing stopping you from clicking around the blogroll yourselves; I can tell you there’s some really great writing out there…

What I am going to do instead is cheat a bit and point you toward a post by one of LesbianFamily’s new contributors, and somone that we’ve been talking a bit about lately…

So, go read this post at LesbianDad and be reminded why we’re all doing this thing called “creating community”

You know, just in case you haven’t already. Heck, you’ve all probably read it by now. In that case, just promise me that you’ll point someone else to it, ok?

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  1. And I am freshly reminded of why I wanted both of you to come over here and play in partnership with me on this wild adventure of building the world we want for our children.

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