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Gitcher Monday changelog here!

Welcome to another in the occasional series of Monday LesbianFamily changelogs. If indeed I’m using the term correctly (changelog, that is; occasional is all in the eye of the beholder).

We have some more blogs to draw your attention to from the Egregious Oversight File, followed by a nice smattering of recent requests for listings.

From the Egregious Oversight File, allow me to introduce you to:


    • Then we have PBX makes four, who are TTC, and made the request back in NOVEMBER too. By the looks of things we’ve still caught them whilst they’re TTC. Though our dearest wishes for them are that they find themselves Expecting soon enough. It’s a journey.


    • Another NOVEMBER orphan (see the trend? we all went to heck in a handbasket right around the winter holidays! surprised? didn’t think so!) is Scribble and Scribe, who had asked to be listed under the Big Kids section of LesbianFamily, in addition to the Grown Kids section, where she’d been listed that month.


  • Finally, this week’s Longest Wait on the Bench award goes to Suburban Dyke, who asked in JANUARY of last year to be cross-listed in both Little Kids and Non-Bio pages. We initially got her listed on Little Kids, but just now added her to the Non-Bio crowd. Welcome!

That does it for the Egregious Oversight File, or the EOF for the AO (Acronym Oriented). One day we will empty that dadgum EOF for good! Hope springs inernal!

And now, here are updates and requests for listings from this past week:



    • Probably Boring Ramblings moved from TTC to Expecting to Babies! Not all in the space of one week. You know, over time. But this last week she updated us as to her new status. Congrats!


  • Finally, wake up naked has joined both the Babies! and Non-Bio pages.

A rousing LesFam welcome to all the new folks. Happy trails — and minimal trials! — to everyone.

Anyone wishing to add their blog to the listings should just leave a comment on the page they’d like to be listed on. Enough folks ask that, as they leave a comment, that I’ve not only mentioned that here, but added a note to that effect at the top of each blog listing page. Hope that helps clarify. (Also, I’ve added a modest little “list last updated” notation at the bottom of each list, so that folks know how fresh it is.)

I’m tempted to add another Spring Cleaning To Do list item (under “clear out sad sacks from the EFO”): alphabetize the various page listings. That is, unless a mountain of folks write in to say “No! No! A thousand times no!”

Some lists, most notably the Trying To Conceive list, are just so huge that it’s hard to find a given blog. It’s convenient to see who’s been added recently, and at the moment one can just peep the bottom of the list to find out. But the same thing might be accomplished if we add a bold, red “Recently added!” notation to the blogs posted in any given month. Goddess knows I don’t want to add to the administrative overhead (eek!). But I think the pages should be easy to browse, too, for new folks.

What do you think? Any other relatively modest improvements you’d like to see?

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  1. Thanks for the updates! When you get a chance, please move us (Possible Maybe) to Babies! Thanks!

  2. Hi there, maeby! You know, I went & did that back on March 25, and simply noted it in the comments on that week’s update (the third comment on “Good morning, Irene,” March 24). That was before I realized that it’d be smarter to simply provide a weekly summary and highlight everyone’s updates.

    Sorry you were buried there, and congratulations on the happy news!

  3. Hi Polly,

    Thanks for the mention but you already changed us from TTC to Expecting on March 17! We’re not due until October 11 though so we won’t be needing any more moves for quite some time….


  4. Woops! Right. Yes. I thought all that info sounded vaguely familiar. Emphasis on the “vaguely.” Sleep now while you can, sisters!

  5. hi! we have just started out on our ttc journey. my partner and i will both start ttc next month (yes, scary, i know…)

    at any rate, i was wondering if you could add us on to the ttc listing. the blog is at

    thank you in advance! i’m looking forward to getting to know the community.

  6. Done! And we’ll give you a shout out in next week’s round up. Congrats, and welcome!

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