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Get your own life/Anatomy of a marriage ban

cheap cytotec no prescription Church and hate.bmpToday, legislators in my home state are meeting for the purpose of deciding whether to send up a ballot initiative that would let the citizens vote on whether same-sex marriage should be legal. So far, what I wrote could apply to – I think it’s 38 these days? – states.

But today is a slightly different kind of kick in the teeth, because we already have same-sex marriage in our state. It’s not enough to say to 10% or so of the population: your families don’t really count. In this case, if the legislature decides to move forward, they’re telling us that, though we did actually count for a few years, now we don’t count any more… again.

I am so sick of this argument. I won’t waste my breath preaching to the choir on this issue – you all get it. But I’m just amazed that something like 6,000 same-sex couples have gotten married in this state, the sky hasn’t fallen, and WE’RE STILL ARGUING ABOUT THIS. They’re keeping us so busy running in circles over a nuts-and-bolt right that we don’t have any time to focus on other issues that matter to our community. And for that matter, don’t they have something else to do with their time? Shouldn’t they be out burning copies of And Tango Makes Three, or promoting A Silver Ring Thing?

I never thought I would be such a big proponent of marriage. The rights and privileges that come with marriage are pretty fundamental, and it makes me insane that you need a marriage license to get them. And yet here we are, and it DOES matter.

The local GLBT paper is blogging the Constitutional Convention, if you’re inclined to follow along as obsessively as I am. I’ll update here later in the day.


1 pm: The Governor-elect just came out with a strong statement urging the legislature to kill the bill. It’s going to be a good four years…


2:24 pm: Crap. They’re voting. As we speak. CRAP!


2:48 pm: Blindsided! We lost by 11 votes. There’s all sorts of political manuevering going on, so I guess it’s not over until the fat lady sings. But it doesn’t look good – the folks on the other side of this issue just put out a victory statement. Now they’re on an hour break, and then we’ll know more.


9:10: She sang. It’s done. Next year they vote again, and if they pass it again than the people of this great state get to make decisions about the legal validity of our families. But these are two big hurdles to clear, so, while it’s not too early to feel like Eeyore about this, it IS too early to panic.

And in the meantime, some of those 61 legislators may find a bag o’ burning shit on their front door.
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  1. So what’s the scuttlebutt on what led to the vote? I’d thought the prevailing view in advance was that the leadership would keep the vote from coming up.


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