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Get Away IMG_2763Sometimes, parents need to get away or maybe I say “some parents” just to make myself feel better and convince myself that I’m not the only one who needs space from my kids.

My kids are great. They really are. They are also very present.

All the time.

All the togetherness this summer has been a gift* but I needed a break and BlogHer came at just the right time.

I spent the past weekend in Chicago with grown-ups and it was  exciting and also tiring which is why I am giving you an Exhausted Vikki Vlog today instead of a post.

I think it’s important to get away from your children from time to time. What about you?


Also, is this the saddest video thumbnail you’ve ever seen? Nice to know I look as tired as I feel.


*A lot of other words other than “gift” come to mind as well.

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  1. I frequently feel like time away is crucial to my ability to be a parent. If I didn’t have time away Little Bear would probably end up on the stoop with a tag reading “free toddler.”

  2. Parent need time away from the kids as much as kids need time away from the parents. Think about it; we try very hard to create independence in our kids, to nurture their ability to entertain themselves, to spend time with friends, to sleep unafraid in their own bed. We rejoice when we drop them at school or camp and they leave without tears and clinging —
    So why shouldn’t parents need to see their friends, read books alone, go out and have an adventure without guilt ?

  3. Innocent bystander, HA! Unfortunately, what happens at BlogHer stays at BlogHer. The world will never know the truth.

  4. OH MY GOD.

    The day after we got home and I made dinner and there was WHINING and GNASHING OF TEETH and OMGDRAMA at the dinner table? I wanted to go back to Chicago.

    Also, my friend stopped over on Tuesday and I was telling a BlogHer13 story and I busted out LOUDLY with a suspect word, slapped my hand over my mouth, and said, “Oh, man. I’m still in BlogHer mode. Need to fix that.”

  5. I hope you’re feeling less exhausted!

    I think the best part of getting away from my kid is the sleeping alone. And waking up naturally, not to hearing “I WANT CEREAL WHERE IS MY CEREAL” before I even manage to open my eyes. Even if there’s an alarm, it’s so much better without the kid.

  6. Wait: you had only a cup and a half of coffee the entire time we were there? What about the fancy machine?

    You were an amazing role model on the dance floor and elsewhere.

    And, OMG, this parenting job is a total wash. I am much better suited to being catered to at adults-only conferences than refereeing bickering and weathering tantrums. Glad to know it’s not only me.

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