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Presidente Epitácio Phew! The blog directory is fully updated!  Please let us know if you find a broken link.  And, even more importantly, please share the List Your Blog Here URL so that we can keep growing!  (We’ll post a round-up of blogs new to the listings monthly from here on out.)

Thank  you all for choosing to list your blogs, and by doing so share your family stories with ours. The bigger we get, the stronger our voices grow.  The more diverse we are, the stronger our voices grow.  The more our voices grow, the more power we have together as a community to inspire, to support, and to change.

Onward and upward!

  • Busy Baba – Baba at Home is a blog by one Baba (lesbian dad) about her two kids. She shares parenting responsibilities with her partner, Mama. Each work half-time and stay-at-home half-time. This blog is part photo album, part baby book, part social commentary. 
  • Baby Muff – Gay dads to one cute baby muff. And the adorable photos!
  • Becoming Mums – Two mums, two babies, the story of us. Laura and her partner met at work in 2008 and got married (well, technically, ‘civil partnered’. Whatevs.) in August ’11.  Since then, they pretty much straight away jumped on the whole baby-making bandwagon. Which posed a number of problems as between the two of us we’re lacking some of the, ahem, vital equipment. After one course of IVF, Laura gave birth to their two beautiful daughters, Claudia and Imogen on 18th July 2012.
  • Jules. Fresh. – Jules is a web developer, graphic designer, & writer. She loves her job but it is her family that makes her the richest girl in the world.
  •  Everything is Greyscale – My name is Kayla and I have decided to join the wonderful world of blogging. Documenting life over the next few years as it turns upside down.
  • The Homesteady – Everyday joy and real-life inspiration. This blog is a place for me to celebrate the tiny moments in our lives, projects that keep our hands busy, recipes that fill us up. I’m a writer by trade and am in love with the creative/editorial freedoms that come with operating a blog. Visit the Homesteady to read about my small family, friends, and community, what inspires me, and a few wedding-related posts.
  • Turkey Baster and a Bottle of Wine – On being a queer, non-gestational parent. v
  • Life in a Rainbow – I am Kathy. I have a wife, I have kids but I am an individual.  This is my blog. I may swear, I may vent, I will laugh, I will have fun.
  • Making Lucky Number Seven – Our journey to conception.
  • All things relative – I started this blog a few years ago as a place to post photos I’d taken, talk about my knitting and hopefully spark some dialogue.  When I went through the chaos of coming out I was so wrapped up in my life that I abandoned this space.  But after a conversation with one of my favorite bloggers I realized that it was my turn to contribute to the conversation that has sustained me.  So, here I am.
  • Two Mountain Moms – A blog about two women creating a family together in Montana.
  • Under the Purple Magnolia Tree – We are two girls who are trying to change the world and be as eco-friendly as busy city living allows, school teachers with classes of mostly-enthusiastic teens and pre-teens , soulmates who have recently married, idealists who refuse to be anything else, literature-loving, , garden-creating, nature loving, eco-minded girls who can’t live without their computers (or at least wouldn’t want to try), and druids who are trying to be more mindful and walk their spiritual path with integrity.

Since this is the only VQ post on Sunday, why don’t you pick a link or two above, check out the digs, and leave a message?

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