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From Israel: Trust Me Sounds of violence swirl around me like last month’s dust storm. Military helicopters roaring overhead. Phones buzzing with real-time alerts of more bloodshed.  Extremists demonizing “the other,” and shouting:

Here in Israel
Peace is unattainable
Don’t believe anyone who says
There is hope
Trust me:
Will never yield to
Hatred and violence
Will always prevail over
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The matzav [1] scares me. It seems too overwhelming to overcome. Yet I refuse to surrender to despair. Read the poem from the bottom up.  That’s how I really feel.

Some call me naive. No more so, I suppose, than the likes of Isaiah (2:4), Micah (4:3) and Hillel, with their talk of beating swords into plowshares and pursuing peace. Their passion and call to action inspire me, fueling my rabbinate and my work.

[1]  Hebrew for the “situation.” A euphemism commonly used by Jewish Israelis to refer to the escalation of violence relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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  1. Stay safe, please, and thank you for working towards peace. <3

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