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Sumpango Isn’t it great how this just continues and continues?   Here is today’s installment for Week of Blogs!  This particular list takes us from middle of Virginia all the way to Bangkok!  It also includes two guest bloggers.  We love having readers and people from our blog directory (and really anyone else) submit guest posts.  You can do so here.

  • This Queer Familia – This is not a mommy blog. Nor is it a blog bent on convincing the world how normal (read: straight) we are so that social conservatives will, finally, like us. It is a blog about two women, from two different cultures, who grew up speaking two different languages (and are both stubborn as hell) deciding to start a family together. Or, to be honest, it’s really about one of those women, me. I am the fanatic blogger in this family and these are my stories.
  • Mommy Loves Martinis –  I’m a martini-drinkin’ twin momma of two baby boys and two grown children. I wax poetic on topics I’m passionate about: creating community, food, travel, entertaining, current events, Down syndrome awareness, and my beautiful, crazy, atypical family.
  • Why is that one black? – Surprising conversations with strangers. Which is putting it nicely. And sometimes they are not strangers.  This blog is written by the Mama to two beautiful small girls, very close in age, with very different skin colours. I want to keep a record of the inane and surprising (and at times outrageous) things people ask about them. Why is that one black? is something we have been asked more than once.
  • Are you the babysitter? – After trying the struggling urban actress thing for fifteen years or so, I finally found my calling as a suburban soccer mom.  I discovered this in a friend’s garage, climbing into her 7-seat family car (which she tells me is NOT a minivan) to deliver registration materials to the neighborhood soccer league while our daughters played with fairy houses and muddy sticks in the backyard and my friend’s son made paper guns inside with his Amma. The suburban mom thing stuck. The soccer? She has guest posted for VillageQ
  • Poemfish – Thoughts from an adoptive lesbian poet mom. Her life passions are poetry, parenting, social justice and women’s spirituality.
  • Coffee, Clutter, and Chaos – a 40 something mother and wife, Cathy’s kids are 20, 18, 15 and 13.  She has been a guest poster here at VillageQ.
  • Double trouble Bangkokht – A gay binational family (one brit and one thai) navigating the best route through life with their precious twin girls.

As always, stop by, say hi, give some love, make a friend, find a kindred spirit, and say Village Q sent you!

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