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The Fosters: Padre (Episode 15)

Episode synopsis: A family gathering brings Callie back into the Fosters’ home for the first time since she ran away.  First aired: Feb 10, 2014

Whoa.  This episode was a cry fest. I’m going to depart from my usual “Love it” and “Leave it” format and just list the top ten scenes that made me cry.  Yes, ten. Because, whoa. Feels.
  1. order gabapentin overnight Stef waking from her dream: This wasn’t a hard cry but I definitely teared up. My own dad is sick and this storyline hit close to home for me. It reminded me to see the silver lining of having an opportunity to say goodbye – how difficult it must be to have things left unsaid.
  2. Flashbacks: Yes, there were many of them and they all pulled at my heartstrings. From Jude and Callie walking into the funeral hand in hand to Callie realizing that she was the one who lost it and trashed her bedroom after their mom died to the day they were promised they’d find a home together. Guys, THIS is that home…SOB.
  3.   Jude says the “m” word: Jude, sweet Jude, set Lena up for the perfect reaction to hearing him call her “mom” for the first time.


    He called me “mom.”

  4. Creepy Brandon: Ok, this was more of a “tears of rage and frustration” situation. Not only is Brandon getting all cheesy and handsy with Callie at a totally inapporpriate time, but he wants to tell his moms that he’s hooking up with his foster sister on the day of…wait, no AT his grandfather’s memorial?! And when Callie points out how heinous that is he basically, says, “Oh, right. Ok, then tomorrow.” Ew.
  5.  Lena’s Mom: This mother-daughter dynamic is so common that even those of us with awesome, supportive moms can relate to feeling like everything coming out of your mother’s mouth is critical. Lena’s mom does have a knack for phrasing things that go beyond critical to downright abrasive. I absolutely would have cried if my mom talked to me the way Lena’s does. I didn’t love that the garbage bag was the final straw that made Lena stand up for herself and I found their heart-to-heart to be more of a band-aid than a resolution. I think this storyline deserves more.
  6.  Ouija Board: As a rule, I hate Ouija Boards but I can’t deny that I was totally weeping when Jude asked his mom if it was ok if Lena and Stef adopted him.

    Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.47.12 PM

    At least I didn’t cry alone

  7. Stef and Callie: Oh, this is when the dam really broke and I was crying so hard I was hiccuping. When they hugged in the yard and connected over regrets about their last interaction with a lost parent, it cemented the realization that Callie needs this family more than she needs a boyfriend.
  8. Brandon break-up: Tears of relief that Callie had the strength to finally end this nightmare.  Brandon “just realized” what these shenanigans were costing her?!?! This leads me to believe that perhaps the characters can’t hear me when I yell at the screen.

    Oh, thank Prius this nightmare is over

    Oh, thank Prius this nightmare is over

  9.  Pastor chat: Religion and family can be tricky.  My family has struggled with our loved ones’ journey to acceptance. Figuring out how to value how far people have come without compromising your expectations is a complex line to walk.
  10.  Prius commercial: Stef sitting in the car her dad gave her and forgiving him for falling short of where she needed him to be – oh man.  Just in case there were any tears left to cry, snow began to fall – just like in the opening dream – and we were left to sob through the closing credits.

Honorable mentions: Mariana and Callie goofing around like sisters – very touching. Also the licorice – it was so sweet how Stef incorporated what her dad would have wanted down to every last detail but I agree with Mariana: Licorice is like “evil in your mouth.”

Did you cry?  Ten times?  Or are you made of stone?

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