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The Fosters: Metropolis (Episode 20)

how to order disulfiram online Episode synopsis: The Foster teens get ready for their school’s winter ball. Meanwhile, Callie’s old friend tries to reconcile with her; a past mistake haunts Brandon; Ana delivers some troubling news to Stef; and Zac’s mother seeks a conversation with Lena.  First aired: Mar 17, 2014
The “previously on” rundown before the show even started made it clear that this episode was going to be a doozy.  The recap trotted out all the stuff that’s been stressing me out. All those loose ends?  Here they come back around.  Next week is the season finale, so it only makes sense that things are wrapping up. I couldn’t be happier because my nerves are frayed from wondering when that witness tampering thing was going to resurface.


  • Tough Girl Stef – I’m a total sucker for this transparent ploy to keep the lesbian viewers interested. From when she threatened to arrest Ana to when she was pumping iron with Jesus. I totally took the bait.


  • Bed Talk – I’m so glad they finally addressed that monstrosity of a bed and their apparent lack of intimacy. So, is this bed a product placement gone wrong? Are they embracing the fact that everyone hates this thing? They should just have an episode dedicated to Lena and Stef reading the Prius owners’ manual on a Kindle Paperwhite in the awful adjustable bed while eating Lunchables. Very compelling.


  • Return of Wyatt – I like this guy. He’s a solid character. Ok, so his car-home was towed but he’s still a better influence on Callie than her step-brother/boyfriend.


  • Brandon –  Brandon hit an all time low this episode. His irrational anger at Callie and inability to understand the word “no” were pretty typical for him lately. But when he had the gall to complain about being a “shoulder to cry on” and then tried to assert that he’s not Callie’s “real brother” (good for Callie for calling him on that BS), he hit a new level of despicable. Worst of all, now he’s playing the martyr for jumping on the grenade that he pulled the pin out of in the first place.


  • Dani – I don’t know what this lady’s angle is. She is so off the wall and inappropriate, but I just don’t get her end game. She thinks lying, sneaking around and encouraging brother/sister hook-ups will be a good idea in what way?


  • Parole Officer Report – I’m not sure what Principal Sanchez expects from Callie.  She’s texting at a dance? How very odd for a teenager!
The Fosters has been renewed for a second season, so while next week will be the last episode for a while, it isn’t the end of the road for the show. I, for one, am glad. I’ve really grown attached to the characters and will miss them while the show is on hiatus. Except for Brandon. I could really use the break from Brandon. Still, I won’t say my good-byes just yet – I have a feeling there will be plenty packed into next week’s finale.
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  1. So excited to see Wyatt back. Sorry, really like him. Might be the hair.

  2. Principal Sanchez is a tyrant!

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