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The Fosters: Escapes and Reversals (Episode 18)

Chiplūn Episode synopsis: Jesus is pressured to make a difficult choice; Callie is torn between protecting two friends.  First aired: Mar 3, 2014 

My partner has been working long hours the past few weeks, so I’ve been staying at my parents’ home with the kids. There’s something about being away from my partner and surrounded by parents and siblings that made this show extra poignant this week. Family is a crazy, complicated wonderful thing, and I love shows that reflect that.

Love It:


  • Sexy times! – It’s always exciting when Stef and Lena find the time/energy/privacy to get a little frisky.
  • “She’s not wrong.”  “Neither are we.” – It’s tough when there’s no easy answer. I appreciate seeing Lena and Stef acknowledge a flawed system, but still trying to work within it and trying to guide their kids to do the same.
  • Stef teasing Lena for her donor goggles – I laughed when Stef chided Lena for mentioning that Timothy was a Rhodes Scholar for the umpteenth time.

Leave It:


  • “I don’t want things to be weird between us.” – Sorry, Dani, there is nothing between you and Brandon that is not weird. Maybe you should secretly lend him $900. That should put things back on track.
  • “This is why I want to go with an anonymous donor.” – That’s not fair. Fathers and donors (anonymous or known) are not the same thing. Sometimes, there might be some overlap, but that’s why it’s important to clarify expectations and roles from the beginning.
  • Poor Lexi. – She gets her heart broken, gives Jesus an easy way out and cuts her visit short.  Farewell, dear Lexi.


I don’t have the energy to save Brandon a perpetual spot on the “Leave It” list, so you may go ahead and assume I’m still groaning at everything he says and does. Even when he’s trying to be better he’s awful. Here’s hoping he has the decency to keep Callie from taking the fall for him.

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