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Finding snatch on Dattch




Dattch, the UK dating app for lesbian and bisexual women, is now in the US. I’m fascinated by dating sites and apps because during my dating days, my choices were the The Personals section of the Village Voice and the bars. Sure there were other ways to meet women, protest marches, pottery classes and the like, but you had to pretend that you weren’t volunteering at the local food coop just to find a girlfriend, so it could take months before you ever went on a date. Kids today. They’ve got the apps.

As curious as I am about Dattch, I have not downloaded the app. A married, middle-aged mom trolls lesbian dating sites and claims to be doing research for a website article. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

So, I’ve not experienced first-hand the Pinterest-inspired format of the app. Dattch provides a unique “shopping” experience with user profiles that are visual tiles representing your personality and your hobbies. The images are serve as ice-breakers prompting even the most discerning and cautious ladies to start a conversation.

Jury’s out for me. I think the written word is extremely revealing. The careful composition of words, a tone, an appreciation for grammatical rules all tell a very specific story. Add a profile image, and you’ve got more useful information than you ever would have gleaned after an hour chatting up some slightly tipsy patron at the local lesbian bar.

Regardless of the format, any tools that help women make connections is a good thing. Of course nothing beats meeting someone face to face and having an old fashioned chat…as long as you get your friend to call you 20 minutes into your date to save you if necessary.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about decoding a collage of clip art. Also lucky that I don’t have to piece my own visual profile to represent who I am. I doubt I would attract the ladies with my current clip art collection.



What pics would you/do you add to your dating profile?

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  1. I would put a pic of my shoes and then a blurry pic of pretentious words. Then, I’d steal your pic of the bourbon to add and then maybe a balloon animal. Who wants up on this?!

  2. Ooo. Great question. Could I just do photos from countries I have lived in? Or would that be super pretentious. I never did understand that rules of online dating.

    • Intriguing but not telling enough. Hobbies? Guilty pleasures? Fashion icons? Album covers? Does that help? Ready to try again?

  3. What’s the thing in the middle row, far right? Or do I not want to know?

  4. Brilliant.
    I’ll take Mel Brooks for 200, Alex.

  5. Today’s pics: cold- and flu-busting supplements, laundry basket (full), kitchen sink (full), empty coffee cup, “before” picture of frizzy hair from “tame flyaways” conditioner ad. So hot.

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