Featured Family Portraits

les fam may 1

From Vegas to Alaska, it’s Featured Family Portraits time! This week’s families include @CookieMonstuh, @glitterlips, and @t3cp from Instagram.

3rd fam

“My name is Shine. My partner is Sarah. Our son’s name is Shawn and he is 6 years old. We have 2 dogs and Live in Las Vegas. Not married yet but will be soon.” You can find Shine on Instagram: @cookiemonstuh.

2nd fam

“My name is Amanda and my partner’s name is Angelica and we are both 29 years young. We have a 7 month old son Valentino Giovanni and we are from Modesto Ca. We have been together for nearly 8 years and plan to get married when it becomes legal. We can’t wait!” You can find Amanda and Angelica on Instagram: @Glitterlips and @1andonlyhelly.

“My name is Theresa and the love of my life is Tay. We’ve been together for 7 wonderful years. Last August we brought our beautiful son Julius into the world. He has the biggest personality and is extremely mischievous. He’s always getting into shenanigans and we have our hands full keeping up with him. Both my partner and I hail from Fairbanks, Alaska but now live in Anchorage.” You can find Theresa on Instagram: @t3cp.

Do you want to share your family with us? Email us a photo or follow us on Instagram and tag your photos with #lesbianfamily. Thank you to this week’s featured families for sharing your families with us!


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