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It’s featured families time! This week, our featured families are Melissa and Finn, Hales and Lianna, and Tee, Candice and Trinity. Thank you for sharing your families with us!



Melissa is one of my friends through blogging and mutual friends and all that good stuff that happens when friends of friends are discovered online and community is born. Though we’ve never met, we certainly feel like we know each other! I was thrilled when I put out the call for Featured Families and she jumped in! Melissa is a single mother by choice to her gorgeous 19 month old son, Finnigan.



Lianna and Hales shared their family with us through Instagram. Here’s a bit about their family from Lianna:

“Hales and I (Lianna) met in college at the University of Texas and moved to Boston together three years ago with our little Boston Terrier named Roswell. We’re both social workers – Hales got her MSW from Smith and Lianna is currently attending Simmons for her MBA/MSW.

We got married almost two years ago in Plymouth, MA. It’s a privilege to be able to get married for us, and Massachusetts is great for all the social supports the state has. But, our favorite thing about Boston is our home! We live at a wonderful coop with twelve other folks. We share meals, bills, housework, skills and stories. This year we took over landscaping duties from our landlord, so Hales and I get to get our hands dirty and use our new yard toys. Our house is an amazing support in everyones lives to bust through stereotypes of gender and sexuality. This photo is us playing yard dads during a beautiful Spring weekend in the city. ”

Thanks for sharing your family with us! You can find Lianna on Instagram: @lmobstar


Tee and Candis shared their family with us through Instagram. Here’s a glimpse into their family from Tee:

“Our names are Tee (30) and Candis McQuinn (31). Our daughter’s name is Trinity and she is a very active and loving 19 month old. We have been together since 2007 and have been married since June 26, 2010. We reside in The Tidewater Area of Virginia.”

Thanks for sharing your family with us! You can find Tee and Candis on Instagram: @teedizz_champ and @queen_mcquinn


We want to feature YOUR family! Send a family photo to LesFamPhoto@gmail.com to be featured. Follow @LesbianFamily on Instagram for more Featured Family goodness.


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  1. Lovely, lovely families!

  2. 🙂

    Cute hats, cute gardening equipment (I’m including the dog in the equipment round-up), cute pigtail bows! They’ve got it all!

  3. This collection of family portraits are awesome! So adorable. I love the setting and the natural expressions they have in their faces. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

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