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This week’s Featured Family Portraits are all from Instagram (but hold on to your hats, we’re going to be introducing a way for you to get us your beautiful family images through other means, soon!).  We’ve got families from  Nevada to Michigan to Sweden. Yep, Sweden!


We ask every Featured Family photographer to tell us a bit about themselves and their family, and sometimes they tell us a whole story’s worth! Here’s what we  heard from @elliesmum:
My name is Betsy and my partner’s name is Julie.  We’ll have been together for 13 years in December.  We have two kiddos, Elliott Quinn is 2 (as of yesterday!) and Bennett Caldwell was born on December 27th.  Ellie is the most brilliant little 2 year old in the world.  Not even exaggerating, I swear.  She can recite the alphabet, count to 10, and can navigate around an iPad like a pro.    Ben is such a tiny sweetheart, and we can’t wait to see his little personality start to come out.  For now, he loves to give us shy smiles and sweet coos.  It’s the best.


We live in a suburb of Detroit and are both from the area.  We met because we had mutual friends in separate circles who decided we should be girlfriends.  One year, on the night before Christmas Eve, we each needed a break from our families and decided to meet up at the local lesbian bar.  This was after several weeks of talking on AOL Instant Messenger (ha!) and hanging out with our mutual friends.  The DJ at the bar was also a friend of ours, so I requested a couple of Julie’s favorite songs at the time, and the rest is herstory.


We are waiting with bated breath to find out if gay marriage will be legalized this summer by the Supreme Court.  We decided not to get married in other states because the law in our state would not recognize it (so what’s the point).  We plan to have one gigantic ceremony when we can finally make it official, and legal.
Betsy, we hope that day comes sooner than later!




Next up is @ayvens_mommy Aryssa Shimamoto, who says she is “married to a absolutely amazing woman and my best friend. We have a handsome little boy Ayven and are expecting our little princess Addalyn.”
Adding this:
We live in Las Vegas, Nevada and met in July of 09, made it official with a domestic partnership on March 21st 2010 had a ceremony etc. Been together for almost 4 years now, we decided to extend our family and was blessed with our son Ayven on April 1st of 2011, After  Ayven turned one we decided to try for another baby it took a few months but we are now blessed with a little girl due at the end of June.
If you can’t get enough of Ayvens, you may have to bop over to his other mom’s Instagram @slappahoe82.  Check out the chit-chat on this pic of Ayven for a hillarious exchange between Aryssa and her bestie.




Instafamily member @julietessan has two of the most ridiculously happy babies you may have ever seen. Don’t believe us? Go see for yourself.  She lives in Sweden, and describes herself as “a waterproof lesbian, married with the sexiest wife ever. Four kids, two girls 12 and 10 y old and twinboys 2 month old. Life is a box of chocolate.”  Yum! (And want to see a super cool infant pic? Check out this one she took of Ozzy and her wife.)
Added the next day, when we got this in:
Me and Jenny met in mars 2010 and it was love at first sight! I have NEVER felt like that ever before and it was the most wonderful feeling i ever felt!  I told her that night at the pub: I’m gonna marry you, just so you know! This was the 20/3-2010 and in August (20) 2011 we did get married in a beautiful church in Sweden!
Right up until I met jenny, I thought I was bisexual, but when I met her, all the pieces fell into place and I know now that there is no doubt-I’m gay!
For two years we tried to get pregnant but our trip was marred by several miscarriages and we were totally overwhelmed by grief! But so finally now in January came our twin boys ozzy and iggy, and happiness was complete!
I have two daughters (12 and 10 years old) already, so now I have four kids! AND a wife! Lucky me!
Just for the record: Jenny is 34 and I will be 40 this summer 🙂
That’s our story! 🙂


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