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Last weekend, I volunteered at my daughter’s school for an open house. As I greeted prospective families at the door, I met a few two mom families. I was thankful to be there to greet them, to welcome them, to let them know without even saying anything that their child would also be welcome.

But, I was also grateful to see them.

I always feel a sense of relief, excitement, and community when seeing another two mom family in my city, even though it happens almost daily. It’s just so nice knowing you’re not alone. This is also how I feel when I see our Instagram community of families. We’ve shared the same fight, at some point or even still. No matter what, world wide, we’re not alone. There are lots of us out there and we’re not going anywhere.

We’re out and proud and changing the world by living our lives. It rules.



“Emily, Linda and our son, Anderson. He’s seven months old.” You can find Emily on Instagram @emilyphotomoto.

lorenzatessari“Hi, my name is Lorenza. I’m 23 years old and I come from Italy. My girlfriend’s name is Ilenia. She’s 22 years old. I’m studying Political Science and Human Rights at the Padua University and my girlfriend is studying Social Work at Venice University. We have been together for three years and now we’re going to live together. Can’t wait 🙂 In a few years, we would like to get married but in Italy, as you know, we can’t and we decided that when we finish the University we will go to live in France, where we will be able to have a family. It is sad to leave the country where we were born and grew up just because they don’t accept us but we want to have a family like everyone else and live HAPPILY. We just want to be happy! We deserve it!” You can find Lorenza on Instagram @lorenzatessari.


“My name is Belkis. My partner Crystal adopted Isabella when she was three days old. She’s 21 months now and I have fallen in love with her. Crystal adopted her without knowing that she has sickle cell.  Knowing that didn’t change anything and she continues to be a loving and caring mother! I have grown so close to Bella and call her my own. She’s my little princess.”

You can find Belkis on Instagram @missbelkis.


All photos are shared with permission.

If you would like to share your family, you can tag your photos on Instagram with #myqueerfamily or #lesbianfamily or just email me a photo! Can’t get enough featured families? Check our our previous featured families for more!

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