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buy ivermectin uk featured families 9.21.13Each week we feature three queer families from our VillageQ Instagram community. This week we even have two Canadians! Queer families rule!



“My name is Deja and my partner is Vanessa, we have a beautiful 1 year old, her name is Nadia. We live in Austin,TX. My family is my life, our little girl couldn’t be happier to have her mommy and momma.”

You can find Deja and her family on Instagram @hatchedby2chickss.



“My name is Adrienne (25) and my partner’s name is Shawna (20). I am from Woodstock, ON and she is from Clinton, ON and we both now live in London, ON after meeting in college. I basically walked out of the womb waving my flag- although my family is very European and their beliefs on same-sex relationships aren’t quite as supportive as I’d like them to be, they still accept me as a person and allow me to fulfill my happiness. Shawna on the other hand does not identify herself as a “lesbian”.. She just knew she wanted to be with me despite my gender. At first, this was depressing and confusing for her but she has certainly warmed up to it and came to understand her feelings. However, her family has not. Not only is this her first relationship that would leave a little less time for her family since she just moved away from home but its with a woman so it’s been difficult for them to swallow.. Which gives me every excuse to love her a little more, hug her a little tighter and be the best I can be. Everything just makes sense in my life since she’s been in it.”

You can find Adrienne on Instagram @adriennesupinski.



“My name is Rachel(27). I’ve been married to Daniela(30) for 6 years. We have the most fantastic son Carter (8 months) and we live in Toronto! Being moms has been the greatest opportunity for us and we cherish it every day, even the hard days. Aside from the humans in the house we have the best dog in the world and two mediocre cats.”

You can find Rachel on Instagram @hopheadrachel and on her blog:


All photos are shared with permission.

If you would like to share your family, you can tag your photos on Instagram with #myqueerfamily or #lesbianfamily or just email me a photo! Can’t get enough featured families? Check our our previous featured families for more!


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  1. What beautiful families this week! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us!

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