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This week two of our featured Instagram lesbian families are bloggers! That means two GREAT new blogs for you to check out.

Our featured families this week are @misselizabethrose, @elyima, and @starrynite81.


According to her IG profile, @misselizabethrose is a lesbian mom to two beautiful little ones after a three year trying to conceive struggle. Follow her feed here: @misselizabethrose.


This lesbian family just became new moms! Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy! You can find @elyima on Instagram or on her blog


These two moms, both named Laura, are very busy with their 8 month old adorable twins. You can find @starrynite81 on Instagram and on their blog

buy gabapentin cod Thank you lesbian families for sharing your families with us! All photos used with permission. Join @lesbianfamily on Instagram by following us and tagging your photos with #lesbianfamily to be featured.

Looking for more featured lesbian family portraits? See last week’s featured families here!

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