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When I first realized I am not straight, the first thing I thought was that I had lost my community. I thought I was alone. Thankfully, I was so wrong. It took a little searching but I found my community. Online. In blogs and chat rooms, it was there. We were there. We were not alone. Now, more than ever, that is true.

There are currently 73 photos on our VillageQ Instagram feed of families. They look like mine. They look like yours. This is our community. This is exactly where we belong.

As we have transitioned from LesbianFamily to VillageQ, we are opening up this community even wider. As you will see this week, we have a gay couple! With their dogs! Matt has been one of my friends for a while. He was actually one of the ones I found in those early days online, searching for where I belonged. Matt and his new husband (YAY!) are joining us this week as a featured family along with two families from our Instagram community. I am thrilled to welcome all of you here and invite you to share more of your families here.

This is the good work. Join us. Be a part of something bigger. Change the world by adding your own faces, a glimpse into your lives, a glimpse into we are not alone.



“My name is Anabel and my partner’s name is Michelle. We are both from Los Angeles but currently living in San Francisco. We have two beautiful kittens (Cosmo and Nala). Not Married yet, but plan on it.”

You can find Anabel on Instagram: @annie317. Thank you for sharing your family with us!




“Bryan and I met in 2009; I was working at a new job in the Harrisburg area and Bryan had just started his first year of seminary in Philadelphia. We spent 3 years dating, doing the distance relationship thing. Each of us were running back and forth on the PA turnpike to see each other every week.During that time we enjoyed the outdoors and all things winter with our dogs whenever we had the chance. In January of 2012 while on a ski trip in Vermont, Bryan and I stood on the deck of our cabin just as it started snowing, and he proposed. It was perfect and embodied so much of our relationship. In October of that year we were married in the Hudson Valley in my home state of New York, at a renovated barn surrounded by close family and friends. After receiving a call to a church in the Philadelphia area, Bryan was ordained in July of 2013 to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Currently we are in the process of transitioning to the Philadelphia area to continue this newest adventure!”

You can find Matt on Instagram: @mattack13. Thank you for sharing your family with us!


“My name is Michele, my wife is Carey, and we have a daughter who is 22 months. We live in the beautiful Northwest that is Portland, OR. We’ll be married 7 yrs in October and have been together for 9 years. My partner is in the process of being a gestational surrogate for another lesbian couple who for medical reasons cannot carry children. We are blessed to be a part of this process in helping them become a family. That’s the way we roll. I’m the bread winner and travel a lot for work. Carey is a full-time Mommy.”

You can find Michele on Instagram: @salesguru33. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

All photos shared here with permission.

If you would like to share your family, you can tag your photos on Instagram with #myqueerfamily or #lesbianfamily or just email me a photo! Can’t get enough featured families? Check our our previous featured families for more!


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  1. Hello, happy featured families!

    (I was wondering when the inclusion would begin. HOORAY FOR INCLUSION!)

  2. All for queer families! Pass it on 😉

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